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Our high quality, hand crafted Piano Booties. These amazing piano coasters protect the life of both the floor and the piano.
Pedal covers.
Amazing hand crafted piano pedal covers protect your pianos fine brass or chrome pedals from discoloration and wear and tear. Great for keeping your piano in perfect condition!
Polishing mitts,
High quality, hand crafted synthetic lamb skin polishing mitts. Perfect for pianos with fine woods and finishes.
Keep your pianos wood in perfect condition.
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3 Pedal covers in each set.

Only $10.00 USD
Polishing mitts only
$15.00 each
3 pieces in baby grand sets
4 pieces in upright sets
$25.00 USD
Our complete piano care kit. This kit gives you the best quality piano care products for the best deal.
Combo set includes our quality hand crafted synthetic lamb skin polishing mitt and 1 set of pedal covers.
Our best deal for everything your piano needs from our piano care line of products.
$45.00 USD
Combo kit only $20 USD
Kit includes, 1 set of Piano Booties, 1 set of Pedal Covers, and 1 piano polishing mitt.
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Grand & baby grand
Soundboard cleaning kit.
Comes with cleaning rod & cloth heads.

Soundboard cleaning kit.
Kit is designed and used for cleaning the soundboards on grand & baby grand pianos. Kit comes with cloth cleaning heads.
Used by piano professionals.
Cleaning rod refill cloth heads.
5 pack of cleaning rod cloth cleaning head refills
Cleaning rod cloth refill heads.
Cloth cleaning heads for our soundboard cleaning rod.
(Comes in packs of 5)
Piano type
Floor type

Pedal Cover Color

Polishing mitt color


Pedal cover color
Polishing mitt color

Quantity (5 heads per pack)