Ways to order Piano Booties.
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We have two very easy ways for you to order your piano booties.
1st, you may pay for any of our quality piano care products through PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this option. You may choose to use a credit or debit card with this option. Of course you may also use your personal PalPal account if you have one.

2nd, you may pay us the "old fashion" way, by check.
To use this option, just click the "Pay By Check" button on this page. You will fill out a simple order form and your Piano care products will be shipped right out to you.

We do our best to make it easy for our customers to be able to get the piano care products that they need with as much ease as possible.

Please choose the way you wish to proceed by clicking the "Order" button to the left.

Thank you for choosing Piano Bootie piano care products.
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