Piano Booties are an important product to make sure that you care for your piano and protect your high-end flooring at the same time.

So many people damage their piano and floors due to not understanding the physics of heavy pianos. Pianos are the must beautiful instrument in the world. The beauty they possess is breath taking. However, there is a lack of understanding on how to protect their pianos from damage due to uneven flooring and stress on the legs.

With years of research and design work. We have a new patented piano and floor protector that works wonders for your piano.

1st, Piano Booties are designed to fit on the bottom of piano legs between the piano wheels and your homes flooring. They provide amazing support for your piano while protecting your homes flooring from the weight of the piano.

2nd. Piano Booties are made with multi layers of special fabrics to provide a patented designed leveling bottom. This keeps the piano and its frame & harp, stress free. When standard coasters are used for a baby grand piano, they force the piano to flex to the true grade of the flooring. This puts stress on the Pin-Block and Sounding Board. This causes the piano tuning problems and damage to the piano over time. Uneven floors and hard coasters are some big reasons as to why a good piano loses its tune. Piano Booties let the piano form to its own harp shape and not follow the floors plane. Most floors may look even but are not really perfect. Piano are built perfect. It is highly important to let them rest properly.

3rd, Piano Booties are also designed to solve the age old acoustic problem of sloppy sound". When your bass and high notes sound as if they are running together it is due to a very common acoustic problem. The problem is that grands and baby grands sound beautiful on wooden floors. However, when your piano is sitting on a wooden floor and it's casters (wheels) are are touching the floor, you are transferring the sound from the piano to the floor. The floor becomes an extension of the piano. Even using hard coasters lets the piano connect with the flooring. This causes the piano sounds to have a muddy feel to them. You can hear this the most in the high or low section. Piano Booties are designed to keep sound from transferring to the floor thus keeping all of the tones pure and beautiful as they are played in the body of the piano. This helps your piano produce its clear and natural sound.

In all, Piano Booties have a great deal of purpose for you and your piano. They are a very thought out design that has proven itself over and over again. There is a reason why professional pianist are only using Piano Booties. Piano Booties are designed to help keep the life and sound up for your beautiful piano. Get the product that the top professionals use, get Piano Booties.

Piano Booties are proudly made in the USA with only the highest quality possible. You and your piano deserve only the best, you deserve the original Piano Booties. No fine floor or piano should be without. They are designed to be the safest way to protect your floors and piano.

Browse our Web site for more information about Piano Booties. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Piano Booties representative regarding our products, please e-mail us at info@pianobooties.com.

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