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Protect Your Piano and Flooring
Please check out our high quality piano products. All of our products are designed and produced in the USA. All of our products have been tested by professional piano technicians to assure that we are providing the very best products for your piano. If you have any question, please send an e-mail to
Our high quality Piano Pedal Socks are a wonderful accessory for your piano. Our piano socks keep your pedals clean and beautiful. They are designed to be easily removed and replaced on your piano; and, to keep your piano pedals looking and feeling good. They have a hook & loop fastener for ease of use.
Our patented Piano Booties are one of the flagship products that we make with high quality with your piano in mind.
Our Piano Booties help protect your fine flooring from the damage that could be caused by the weight of your piano. They are also designed to help keep a perfect balance on your piano while reducing the stress from the legs of your piano.
These are amazing and are designed to replace standard piano coasters.
Our complete piano pampering kit comes with some our our best piano care products. The kit includes one set of our piano pedal socks, one cleaning mitt, and one set of our amazing Piano Booties. This is the kit that is a must have for your piano. See our special pricing in our store for this amazing piano pampering kit.
Our Piano Mitts are made of a high quality soft fiber mix that can be used to dust and polish your beautiful piano.
They are designed with the lovely finish of your piano in mind. Keep your piano looking perfect with the regular use of our Piano Mitts.
Piano Care Products
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Grand & baby grand pianos = 3 coasters per set

Upright pianos = 4 coasters per set
Please note the set differences
*****NEW PRODUCT*****
Make sure to keep you grand and baby grand piano clean and sounding great. Get our new, Soundboard Cleaning Kit. This kit is used by piano professionals to keep the dust buildup off of piano soundboards. This helps the piano keep its beautiful looks and keeps the strings vibration to the soundboard un-muted, allowing beautiful tones to be heard.

This is a great product for anyone who wants to keep their piano looking and sounding beautiful.

Cleaning head refills are also available here.